Hello World!

August 12, 2019

Way back at the end of 2017 I set a goal to start writing for the web again. And like any yak shaving engineer is wont to do, that meant I’d need to rebuild my website first.

Shortly after setting that goal, I was promoted. Adjusting to my new role and learning about the teams I’d be leading took the majority of my time. My plans of working on the site took a back seat. As matter of fact, I’ve probably written fewer than 100 lines of code since the start of 2018. Until this weekend…

I finally made the time to rebuild the site! I’d been wanting to play around with Gatsby and this was the perfect opportunity. Even though I haven’t written JavaScript in over a year, getting Gatsby up and running was intuitive. And Netlify is so easy that it almost feels like cheating. In just a day I:

  1. Got Gatsby running using the gatsby-starter-blog starter
  2. Updated components, css, etc… to match the look and feel of my old site
  3. Got the basic version of the site deployed to Netlify
  4. Setup Netlify CMS for the fun of it
  5. Posted this!

And it’s fun to have a 100 lighthouse score!

100 lighthouse score

I’m excited to start writing some longer-form content now that I’ve got this part done. If you’re interested in reading more than what I post on LinkedIn or Twitter, now you’ll be able to. You can even use RSS.

Hi, I'm David Brunelle. I am a human-centered product engineering leader who builds teams, develops leaders, and helps people achieve their full potential. The teams I lead deliver revolutionary digital experiences that grow businesses and delight customers. You should follow me on Twitter or say hello by email.